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defile1 to make unclean, foul, or filthy. [1/5 definitions]
dirt any unclean substance such as mud, bits of dirt, dust, or excrement. [1/5 definitions]
dirty unclean; soiled. [1/10 definitions]
filth that which is unclean or foul. [2/3 definitions]
impure ritually unclean or unfit for use; defiled. [1/3 definitions]
polluted made unclean, impure, unhealthy, or corrupt; contaminated.
sloven someone who is disorderly, negligent, or unclean.
slovenly in a careless or unclean way. [1/2 definitions]
soil2 to make unclean; dirty. [1/6 definitions]
uncleanly2 in an unclean manner.
unsanitary not free of contaminants or sources of infection; unclean.