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ambiguous unclear; uncertain; obscure. [1/2 definitions]
beat to be very unclear to; perplex. [1/15 definitions]
confuse to combine in a disordered, unclear way; fail to distinguish between or among. [1/3 definitions]
feeling an unclear or vague awareness. [1/10 definitions]
fog to cause to be uncertain or unclear; obscure. [1/8 definitions]
gabble to say in a rapid, unclear babble. [2/5 definitions]
gobbledygook wordy, unclear language, with roundabout expressions and generally meaningless phrases.
haze1 an unclear or confused state, esp. of one's mind or emotions. [1/2 definitions]
hazy unclear, vague, or confused. [1/2 definitions]
interference the combining of electromagnetic waves so that a disturbance is produced, such as an unclear radio signal. [1/4 definitions]
muddy having a dull, mudlike, or unclear appearance. [4/6 definitions]
mutter to say (something) in a low or unclear manner. [2/4 definitions]
obscure to make unclear in meaning. [1/6 definitions]
opaque not easily understood; unclear. [1/6 definitions]
puzzled made unsure or confused because of conflicting, missing, or unclear information; confused; perplexed.
ravel to cause to be tangled or unclear. [1/4 definitions]
vague inexact, unclear, or indistinct in form or character. [2/3 definitions]