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chill a moderate but uncomfortable coldness. [1/16 definitions]
cold-blooded unusually uncomfortable in cold weather. [1/3 definitions]
discomfort to cause uneasiness, distress, or pain in; make uncomfortable. [1/3 definitions]
hovel a small, uncomfortable, often dirty dwelling. [1/2 definitions]
ill at ease emotionally uncomfortable; uneasy.
incommodious uncomfortable or inconvenient, esp. by not affording enough room or space.
nag1 to trouble or make uncomfortable, persistently or recurrently. [1/6 definitions]
on the spot in a troublesome or uncomfortable position. [1/2 definitions]
press1 to urge in such a way as to make uncomfortable. [1/16 definitions]
self-conscious uncomfortable in social situations. [1/3 definitions]
spot an uncomfortable or embarrassing position. [1/13 definitions]
suffocate to make uncomfortable by keeping in hot or stuffy air. [1/6 definitions]
sunburn uncomfortable or painful reddening of the skin caused by overexposure to the sun. [1/2 definitions]