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awry in an unplanned and undesired direction. [1/2 definitions]
backwash an outcome, esp. one that is unexpected, secondary, or undesired. [1/4 definitions]
clean house to force out all undesired people or things.
gobo a screen used to shield a microphone from undesired sounds. [1/2 definitions]
light2 containing less of an undesired thing (as sugar or fat) than other things of its kind. [1/9 definitions]
powder a cosmetic made of pressed powder and a coloring agent that is used on the face to reduce shine and cover blemishes or other undesired items. [1/9 definitions]
winnow to sift through, or separate out the desired or worthwhile from the undesired or worthless part of, as by critical analysis. [1/8 definitions]