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blastema an undifferentiated or primitive mass of cells, as in an embryo or regenerating organ, that is capable of becoming organized into a specific tissue or organ.
lichen any of various organisms resulting from the symbiotic association of a photosynthetic alga with a fungus, giving rise to a usu. greenish or reddish undifferentiated mass with a scaly, crustlike, or branching form. [1/2 definitions]
mycelium the undifferentiated, nonreproducing part of a fungus, composed of a mass of branching filaments.
phallus the penis, or the undifferentiated embryonic tissue that develops into a penis or clitoris. [1/2 definitions]
stem cell a type of undifferentiated cell found in embryos or bodies of multicellular organisms, which reproduces by division and has the potential to become a specialized cell, such as a brain, muscle, blood, or bone cell.