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disburden to unload or relieve (someone or something) of anything burdensome; take a burden from. [2/3 definitions]
discharge to unload, empty, or release. [1/17 definitions]
dump to throw away or unload unwanted things, such as garbage or toxic waste. [1/10 definitions]
dump truck a truck with a bed that can tilt backward to unload its contents through the opened tailgate.
longshoreman a man whose job is to load and unload ships; dock worker.
off-load to unload (a ship or airplane, or passengers or goods therefrom).
port1 a place where ships load and unload, and its adjacent town or city. [1/4 definitions]
port of call a port where a ship regularly docks during the course of a longer voyage in order to load and unload passengers and cargo, make repairs, or the like.
seaport a city, town, or harbor at which seagoing vessels dock, load, and unload.
stevedore a person employed to load or unload a ship's cargo. [3 definitions]
tipple2 a mechanical device that tips freight cars to unload their contents. [1/2 definitions]
unlade to discharge (a load or cargo); unload. [2 definitions]
unload to unload something. [1/6 definitions]