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break to crack, destroy, or make inoperative or unusable. [2/26 definitions]
contaminate to make impure or unusable by contact or by adding a harmful substance.
defoliate to cause the leaves of (trees or the like) to drop off, esp. by using a chemical spray or dust, usu. so as to render a forested area unusable by military opponents. [1/4 definitions]
lame duck one who is weak, ineffective, unusable, or worthless. [1/2 definitions]
ruin to make unusable or unable to be enjoyed; spoil. [1/10 definitions]
shot2 (informal) ruined or unusable. [1/2 definitions]
spoil to ruin or detract from; make unusable or unsatisfactory. [2/5 definitions]
waste unused or unusable matter discarded during a particular process. [1/18 definitions]