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Americanism a word, phrase, or usage originating in, characteristic of, or peculiar to American English. [1/3 definitions]
archaism an archaic usage. [1/2 definitions]
barbarous violating accepted word usage. [1/3 definitions]
common law law based on custom or usage and on court decisions and opinions, rather than on statute. (Cf. statute law.)
context the language surrounding a particular usage of a word, phrase, or sentence, or the situation in which the piece of language is used. [1/2 definitions]
convention a practice or procedure that is established by usage and widely accepted; custom. [1/4 definitions]
conventional established by custom or usage; traditional. [1/3 definitions]
corpus a compilation of written or spoken texts in electronic format analyzed as linguistic data in order to learn about word meaning and usage, word frequency, and language patterns. [1/4 definitions]
Creole (l.c.) a mixed language developed when two groups having different languages, after an extensive period of time and interaction, combine the vocabulary, grammar, and usage of the two languages into a third dialect in which one of the first is usu. dominant. [1/6 definitions]
custom in law, such traditional practices of a social group regarded as legally binding because of long usage. [1/8 definitions]
dialect a variety of a language that is peculiar to a region, social class, or occupation and that differs from the standard language in pronunciation, usage, and vocabulary. [1/2 definitions]
Erin in literary usage, Ireland.
French Academy an association of forty scholars and writers devoted to maintaining the purity of the French language and establishing rules of usage.
idiomatic of an expression or usage of words, peculiar within a particular language itself, esp. having a meaning that cannot be understood from the individual meanings of elements. [1/4 definitions]
illegitimate not in good usage; inappropriate. [1/6 definitions]
misusage incorrect or improper usage, as of a word. [1/2 definitions]
naturalize to bring (something foreign or new) into common usage. [1/4 definitions]
neologism a new word, phrase, or usage. [1/2 definitions]
reputable considered proper usage, esp. of words. [1/2 definitions]
sempiternal in literary usage, lasting forever; perpetual; eternal.
sic2 thus; so (used parenthetically when citing a quotation in a written text to indicate that an apparently incorrect usage or misprint has been faithfully copied from the original and is not an error on the part of the present writer).