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dither to hesitate nervously or vacillate; be irresolute. [1/2 definitions]
indecisive tending to hesitate or vacillate; unable to decide easily. [1/2 definitions]
oscillate to waver between different or opposed opinions, conditions, or courses of action; vacillate. [1/4 definitions]
shilly-shally to be indecisive; waver; vacillate; hesitate.
swing to alter or shift an attitude, opinion, or focus of interest; vacillate. [1/25 definitions]
waver1 to show indecision or uncertainty; vacillate. [1/6 definitions]
whiffle to shift about; vacillate. [1/3 definitions]
wobble to be uncertain or changeable, as in mind; vacillate. [1/4 definitions]