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air mass a body of air that covers a wide area and has little horizontal variation in temperature, pressure, or moisture.
allo- other; different; variation.
analytic psychology a variation of psychoanalysis developed by Carl Jung.
chemin de fer a variation of the card game baccarat.
color phase a genetically induced variation in the colors of the skin, fur, or plumage of an animal. [1/2 definitions]
covariation in statistics, correlated variation of two or more variables.
Darwinian theory Charles Darwin's theory that plants and animals evolved from early primitive life forms with variation caused by natural selection and survival of the fittest. (See evolution.)
descant a discussion or a variation on any given subject. [1/4 definitions]
dynamics (used with a pl. verb) variation in the intensity or volume of musical sound. [1/3 definitions]
fixed without change or variation; definite. [1/5 definitions]
flywheel a heavy-rimmed wheel that rotates on a shaft and with its momentum serves to minimize variation in the speed of machinery connected to the shaft.
hue1 a certain variation of a color; one particular color or tint, such as sky blue or robin's-egg blue; shade. [1/3 definitions]
invariable not subject to change or variation; consistently the same. [1/2 definitions]
level unwavering; showing little variation or fluctuation [1/15 definitions]
lilt a pleasing variation in musical tone or rhythm. [1/3 definitions]
modulation variation of the frequency, amplitude, phase, or the like of an electromagnetic wave. [1/3 definitions]
monotone speech or singing with little or no variation in pitch. [1/5 definitions]
monotonous uninteresting due to lack of variation; tedious. [2 definitions]
monotony tiresome lack of variation.
oscillation a single swing or variation in one direction by something that oscillates. [1/2 definitions]
phase modulation in radio transmission, variation of the phase of a carrier wave in accordance with the amplitude of a modulating signal such as speech.