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assize a judicial inquest, the legal order on which it is convened, or the verdict issuing from it. [1/4 definitions]
bring in of a jury, to give (a legal verdict) on a case. [1/5 definitions]
hang of a jury, to not be able to render a verdict. [1/17 definitions]
jury a body of persons summoned to a court of law who are sworn to hear evidence and give a true verdict in a case. [1/2 definitions]
mistrial a trial that cannot be concluded, as for the reason that the jury is unable to agree on a verdict. [1/2 definitions]
pronouncement an announcement of a decision or verdict. [1/2 definitions]
reversal the changing of a verdict on appeal by a higher court. [1/3 definitions]
reverse in law, to revoke or cancel (a decision such as a verdict). [1/15 definitions]
unrighteous of a verdict, decision, or the like, unjust or unfair. [1/2 definitions]