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double-reed of, pertaining to, or designating any woodwind instrument that sounds by means of a pair of reeds that vibrate against each other. [1/2 definitions]
hum to vibrate with a continuous low sound; drone. [1/7 definitions]
pulsate to vibrate; tremble; quiver. [1/2 definitions]
pulse1 to throb, vibrate, or beat; pulsate. [1/5 definitions]
ring2 to be filled with sound; vibrate. [1/18 definitions]
shake to cause to tremble or sway; vibrate. [1/16 definitions]
shimmer to seem to waver or vibrate, as because of the distortion of heat waves. [1/3 definitions]
shimmy to vibrate or wobble. [1/4 definitions]
shiver1 in nautical terminology, to vibrate when headed too close to the wind. [2/4 definitions]
thrill to tremble or vibrate, as the voice. [1/8 definitions]
tremble to be made to vibrate or flutter, as leaves in the wind. [1/4 definitions]
vibratile able to vibrate or be vibrated. [1/3 definitions]
viola d'amore a stringed instrument of the viol family, having not only gut strings that are bowed but also wire strings behind these that vibrate sympathetically.