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Achilles the hero of The Iliad, who is killed by an arrow in his heel, his only vulnerable spot.
Achilles heel any vulnerable or weak spot, part, or trait.
assailable open to attack or assault; vulnerable.
cheap shot in sports, an act of unnecessary roughness against a vulnerable player, esp. when intended to injure. [1/2 definitions]
exposed vulnerable to danger. [1/3 definitions]
green-stick fracture a type of fracture to which children are esp. vulnerable, in which a long bone breaks only partway through.
indefensible not capable of being physically defended or protected; vulnerable. [1/3 definitions]
lull to cause (someone) to relax his or her ordinary alertness, so as to make vulnerable to deception. [1/4 definitions]
naked exposed to attack, humiliation, or the like; vulnerable. [1/5 definitions]
out on a limb (informal) in a risky or vulnerable position or situation; at risk.
pregnable vulnerable to attack or conquest.
sitting duck an especially vulnerable person or thing; easy target.
unassailable not vulnerable to physical or military attack. [1/2 definitions]
underbelly the weakest or most vulnerable spot. [1/2 definitions]
unguarded not protected or guarded; vulnerable. [1/2 definitions]
vulnerability the state of being vulnerable. [2 definitions]