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bat around (informal) to roam; wander. [1/2 definitions]
divagate to wander about. [2 definitions]
drift to wander without purpose or without particular destination. [1/11 definitions]
fugitive inclined to wander; vagabond. [1/5 definitions]
maunder to act or wander without purpose or direction. [1/2 definitions]
meander to wander in speech or movement without apparent goal or direction; ramble. [1/3 definitions]
peregrinate to wander or travel from place to place, esp. by foot. [1/2 definitions]
prowl to wander or roam through (a place) quietly and furtively, as in search of something. [1/3 definitions]
ramble to wander leisurely or aimlessly; follow a winding or irregular course; meander. [1/5 definitions]
range to roam; wander. [1/20 definitions]
rangy tending or suited to wander. [1/2 definitions]
roam to proceed or travel without a fixed course or destination; wander. [2/3 definitions]
rove to wander widely, without a fixed destination; roam. [2/3 definitions]
stray to wander from or go beyond a fixed place, course, or practice, or to wander away from a group. [2/7 definitions]
traipse (informal) to wander or tramp about with no definite goal or without reaching one.
tramp to wander or voyage aimlessly, as a vagabond. [1/12 definitions]
woolgathering allowing the mind to wander or become absorbed in daydreams.