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beware to be wary or cautious (often used imperatively). [2 definitions]
cagey careful not to be trapped or taken advantage of; wary; shrewd.
canny difficult to fool or take advantage of; shrewd; wary; clever.
cautious displaying or inclined to show caution; wary; careful.
chary wary or mindful; cautious. [1/4 definitions]
guarded wary; cautious. [1/2 definitions]
gun-shy very wary or reluctant, usu. because of previous bad experiences. [1/2 definitions]
leery suspicious or mistrustful; wary (usu. fol. by "of").
shy1 wary or suspicious. [1/7 definitions]
unguarded not wary or discreet; open or frank. [1/2 definitions]
watch it to be wary or careful.