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atmospheric river a very long and narrow wind corridor that transports a vast amount of water vapor through the sky, which can result in drenching rainstorms for particular areas.
dew point the temperature at which water vapor in the air starts to condense into liquid.
frost a light, white covering of dew or water vapor frozen into ice crystals. [1/9 definitions]
humid having a relatively high amount of moisture or water vapor; damp.
humidity the amount of water vapor in the air, relative to the greatest amount possible at a given temperature; relative humidity. [1/2 definitions]
mist water vapor that clouds a surface. [1/7 definitions]
rain water vapor in the atmosphere that condenses and falls from the sky to earth. [1/8 definitions]
steam water vapor, esp. that formed by boiling. [2/11 definitions]
stoma any of various microscopic openings in the epidermis of a leaf or stem through which gases and water vapor are exchanged. [1/2 definitions]
sweat to collect moisture by causing condensation of surrounding water vapor. [1/18 definitions]