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aluminum hydroxide a white, water-insoluble powder used as an antacid and to waterproof fabric and manufacture glass.
arctic (pl.) warm, waterproof outer shoes. [1/5 definitions]
cerecloth a fabric coated with wax in order to render it waterproof, formerly used for wrapping the dead before burial. [1/2 definitions]
coracle a small rounded boat of waterproof material stretched over a frame of wood or wicker, used in western England, Wales, and Ireland.
cutinization a process in which the outer cells of plants become thick and covered with cutin, making them waterproof.
dope any of various products resembling varnish, used to waterproof and reinforce fabric or paper, as on balloons or model airplane wings. [1/7 definitions]
dubbin a mixture of oil and fat used to soften and waterproof leather.
galosh (usu. pl.) a high-topped waterproof overshoe.
ice bag a small waterproof bag that is filled with ice and applied to a part of the body to relieve swelling, pain, or the like; ice pack.
kayak a slender boat traditionally used by the Inuit people, consisting of a light frame pointed at both ends, covered with a waterproof skin that may be pulled tight around the waist of the passenger. [1/2 definitions]
loden a thick, fulled, waterproof woolen fabric, usu. olive green and used for coats.
mackintosh a raincoat made of a waterproof, rubberized cloth. [2 definitions]
oilcloth a heavy smooth cloth that has been treated with oil and other materials to make it waterproof, and that is often used to line cupboards or as a tablecloth.
oilskin a cloth treated with oil to make it waterproof. [1/2 definitions]
pac an insulated, waterproof boot designed for wear in extreme cold. [1/3 definitions]
poncho a similarly shaped cape, usu. of waterproof material, worn as a raincoat. [1/2 definitions]
puddle a waterproof mixture of clay or sand, and water. [2/6 definitions]
puddling the act of mixing clay or sand with water to form a waterproof substance. [1/2 definitions]
rainproof keeping rain out; unaffected by rain; waterproof. [1/2 definitions]
rainwear waterproof or water-repellent clothing for wearing in the rain.
shoepac a high, insulated, waterproof boot.