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amnion a thin membranous sac, filled with a watery fluid, that contains the embryo of a mammal, bird, or reptile.
aqua water, or a watery solution. [1/2 definitions]
aqueous humor a clear, watery liquid that fills the chambers between the cornea and the lens of the eye.
diarrhea an intestinal condition characterized by frequent and watery bowel movements.
dropsy an abnormal medical condition characterized by the building up of watery fluid such as lymph or serum in body tissues or cavities.
dysentery (informal) frequent and watery bowel movements; diarrhea. [1/2 definitions]
edema an abnormal accumulation of watery fluid in tissues or cavities of the body.
frog1 any of several amphibians without tails but with long hind legs adapted for jumping, esp. those with a smooth, moist skin and webbed feet, that live in marshy or watery habitats. [1/4 definitions]
hydroplane to skim a watery surface in the manner of a hydroplane, as a speeding automobile on a wet road. [1/5 definitions]
ichor a watery, acrid discharge from an ulcer, wound, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
moiré of fabric, esp. silk, having a wavelike or watery pattern. [2/3 definitions]
serous like, pertaining to, containing, or producing serum; thin and watery.
serum the thin, watery fluid remaining when the solid components of blood have clotted. [2/3 definitions]
slop thin, watery mud or slush. [1/9 definitions]
slush thin, watery mud. [1/4 definitions]
soupy resembling or suggesting soup, esp. in texture or thinness; watery. [1/2 definitions]
thin liquid; watery. [1/10 definitions]
washy diluted; watery; weak. [1/3 definitions]
waterish like water; watery.
watermelon a large sweet fruit, round or oblong in shape, with a hard greenish rind and usu. red or pink watery pulp. [1/2 definitions]
whey the watery part of milk remaining when the curds are separated out, as to make cheese.