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astrakhan a lustrous curly or wavy fur made from the pelts of young lambs. [2 definitions]
broadtail the wavy, glossy black pelt of a newborn or stillborn karakul lamb.
cocker spaniel a small spaniel characterized by a compact body, short legs, a soft wavy coat, and long drooping ears.
Damascene to ornament (iron or steel) with wavy markings or inlays of gold or silver. [1/6 definitions]
Damascus steel hand-wrought steel, used esp. for sword blades, that is made by repeated folding and welding, thereby creating a pattern of wavy lines; damask steel.
golden retriever any of an English breed of large hunting dog with long ears and a thick, wavy, reddish or golden coat.
Kerry blue terrier any of a breed of small dog with a long, narrow head, a soft, wavy bluish gray coat, and an erect, docked tail.
kris a short, double-edged Malayan dagger, usu. having a wavy blade.
kuvasz any of a Hungarian breed of dog with a large strong body covered by long wavy white fur.
mackerel any of a number of related Atlantic food fish, esp. one with dark, wavy marks across the back and a silver underside. [1/2 definitions]
ripple mark a wavy ridge or line, as on sand or mud, caused by the motion of wind or waves or both. [1/2 definitions]
sinuate having a strongly wavy margin or edge, as some leaves. [1/3 definitions]
sinuous having a wavy edge, as a leaf; sinuate. [1/3 definitions]
undulant like or characterized by waves or a wavy motion or pattern; undulating.
undulate wavy in form or appearance, as the edges of certain leaves. [1/6 definitions]
undulation a wavy form, surface, edge, or appearance. [1/3 definitions]
vermicular covered with irregularly twisting, wavy lines or tunnels resembling or suggestive of worms or the tracks of worms. [1/2 definitions]
watered having wavy markings on the surface. [1/3 definitions]
wiggly of a line or surface, wiggling up and down or sideways; wavy. [1/2 definitions]