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any whatever or all, without restriction. [1/7 definitions]
bargain whatever is obtained as the result of such an agreement. [1/6 definitions]
content1 (usu. pl.) whatever is contained or held in a receptacle, container, or something seen as a container. [1/5 definitions]
free association a psychoanalytic technique for discovering repressed thoughts and emotions, in which the patient talks spontaneously about whatever comes to mind. [1/2 definitions]
go with the flow to let happen whatever will happen rather than trying hard to be in control and make the right decisions. [1/2 definitions]
however to whatever degree or extent; no matter how. [2/5 definitions]
howsoever in whatever manner, or by whatever means. [2 definitions]
improvise to construct or compose from whatever materials are available or handy. [1/4 definitions]
improvised constructed or composed from whatever materials are available or handy. [1/2 definitions]
inventory the process of making up such a list, including whatever checking and investigating may be involved in order to do so. [1/5 definitions]
-ode1 something that resembles (whatever is specified).
-oid resembling (whatever is specified); having the characteristics of. [2 definitions]
-opsis something resembling (whatever is specified). [1/2 definitions]
rain or shine whatever might happen. [1/2 definitions]
sympathy a relationship of persons or things in which whatever affects one affects the others similarly. [1/6 definitions]
tornado a very destructive but short-lived windstorm often in the form of a funnel-shaped cloud that moves close to the ground, destroying whatever is in its path.
what whatever. [2/12 definitions]
whatsoever whatever.
whenever at whatever time; when. [2/3 definitions]
whensoever at whatever time; whenever.
where to whatever place or situation; wherever. [1/11 definitions]