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anytime at any moment, hour, or day; whenever. [1/2 definitions]
Beguine a member of a lay Roman Catholic sisterhood of the Netherlands, first established in the twelfth century, that allowed women to keep their private property and revoke their vows whenever they wished.
bell buoy a buoy having a warning bell that rings whenever the buoy is rocked by waves.
chargé d'affaires a foreign service official who takes charge of diplomatic business whenever an ambassador or minister is temporarily absent. [1/2 definitions]
Johnny-on-the-spot (informal) a person who is prepared to act whenever necessary, or who arrives immediately.
lictor in ancient Rome, a minor official who carried the fasces and cleared the way for the chief magistrates whenever they made a public appearance.
once if ever; whenever; when. [1/7 definitions]
whensoever at whatever time; whenever.