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bony having an internal skeletal system partly or wholly made up of bone. [1/4 definitions]
cellar a room or rooms wholly or partly underground and usu. beneath a building; basement. [1/4 definitions]
court an open space, usu. adjacent to a building, that is wholly or partially enclosed; courtyard. [1/9 definitions]
devitrify to remove or destroy, wholly or in part, the glassy character or qualities of. [1/2 definitions]
devour to absorb, engulf, or dominate wholly. [1/4 definitions]
fait accompli (French) a wholly completed deed or accomplishment, esp. one that appears irreversible and has been done without an affected person's prior knowledge.
gold coins or bullion made mostly or wholly of gold, used as a commodity, medium of exchange, or standard of value. [1/11 definitions]
ironwork articles or constructions decorated with or made wholly or partly of iron, as stair railings or garden furniture.
rye1 a bread made wholly or largely from rye grain; rye bread. [1/4 definitions]
totally wholly; completely; entirely.
wool made wholly or partly of wool; woolen. [1/5 definitions]