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bony having an internal skeletal system partly or wholly made up of bone. [1/4 definitions]
cellar a room or rooms wholly or partly underground and usu. beneath a building; basement. [1/4 definitions]
court an open space, usu. adjacent to a building, that is wholly or partially enclosed; courtyard. [1/9 definitions]
devitrify to remove or destroy, wholly or in part, the glassy character or qualities of. [1/2 definitions]
devour to absorb, engulf, or dominate wholly. [1/4 definitions]
gold coins or bullion made mostly or wholly of gold, used as a commodity, medium of exchange, or standard of value. [1/11 definitions]
ironwork articles or constructions decorated with or made wholly or partly of iron, as stair railings or garden furniture.
rye1 a bread made wholly or largely from rye grain; rye bread. [1/4 definitions]
totally wholly; completely; entirely.
wool made wholly or partly of wool; woolen. [1/5 definitions]