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Alice Marble U.S. tennis player who won the U.S. tennis championship singles titles four times (1936, 1938-40) prior to working as a spy for U.S. intelligence (b.1913--d.1990).
A-O.K. (informal) perfectly fine; in excellent working order.
apprenticeship the process of working for another to learn that person's skill or trade, or the act of becoming engaged in this way.
at leisure having free or spare time; not working or otherwise occupied.
bloc an alliance of people, nations, or organizations working together to achieve some legislative or political goal.
blue law any law prohibiting drinking, dancing, working, or doing business on Sunday.
bodybuilder a person who engages in bodybuilding, the process of working to develop large muscles through special diet and exercise.
bodybuilding the process of working to develop large muscles in one's body through the use of special diet and exercise, particularly weightlifting.
bug (informal) a flaw that prevents something from working properly. [1/8 definitions]
callback a request to a worker to return to work, esp. after a layoff or after normal working hours. [1/3 definitions]
collective bargaining the bargaining process that occurs between organized workers and their employer to reach an agreement on wages, benefits, hours, and working conditions.
commune2 a group of people living together as a community, working collectively on land owned in common or by a government. [1/3 definitions]
configure to set or arrange the constituent elements of (something) in a particular way so as to have a working combination. [1/2 definitions]
conspiracy the working together or concurrence, esp. of natural forces. [1/4 definitions]
countertop a flat working surface, typically waist-high, esp. that which forms the top of a cabinet unit in a kitchen.
crèche (chiefly British) a child care center for infants and very young children that serves the needs of working parents. [1/3 definitions]
crew a group of people working together to perform a joint function. [2/3 definitions]
crew member a member of a group of people working on a ship, aircraft, spacecraft, or the like. [2 definitions]
day nursery a nursery school in which preschool children, usu. of working parents, receive care and supervision during the day.
desktop the flat, upper working surface of a desk. [2/4 definitions]
dysfunctional not working normally, as a bodily organ; impaired. [2 definitions]