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asshole (slang) the worst part of a thing or place. [1/4 definitions]
at worst under the worst possible circumstances; in the worst possible case or from the worst perspective.
booby prize an amusing prize given to ridicule one who performs worst in a contest or competition.
crapehanger (informal) a gloomy, morose person; one who anticipates the worst.
depth the worst or hardest part. [1/8 definitions]
end (informal, old-fashioned) the very best or worst (prec. by "the"). [1/18 definitions]
fag end the last or worst part of something, esp. the worn-out or frayed end of a piece of cloth or rope.
if worse comes to worst if the worst occurs; if no other way is successful.
litotes in rhetoric, an understatement, esp. one expressed by a negation of an affirmative, as in "not the worst book I ever read".
low-water mark the lowest or worst level reached by anything. [1/2 definitions]
pessimism the belief that events will turn out badly; tendency to expect the worst. (Cf. optimism.) [2/3 definitions]
pit1 (pl.; slang) the worst, most disgusting, or the like (prec. by "the"). [1/14 definitions]
worst someone or something that is worst. [2/8 definitions]
worst-case of or describing the worst possible case, situation, result, or the like.
worst-case scenario the worst possible set of events that could follow.