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abject of the lowest or most wretched kind. [1/3 definitions]
crummy miserable or wretched. [1/2 definitions]
deplorable deserving of contempt, censure, or reproach; very bad; wretched. [1/2 definitions]
forlorn in a pitiable state; wretched. [1/3 definitions]
godforsaken forlorn; wretched; pitiable. [1/2 definitions]
miserable pitifully poor or unattractive; wretched. [1/5 definitions]
pitiable worthy of or inspiring contempt or disdain; wretched; pitiful. [1/2 definitions]
scrabbly poor, paltry, or wretched. [1/2 definitions]
sordid dirty, filthy, or foul, esp. from neglect or poverty; squalid; wretched. [1/3 definitions]
sorry wretched, poor, or pitiful. [1/5 definitions]