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barnyard a yard or fenced area adjacent to a barn, esp. an enclosure for livestock and other farm animals. [1/3 definitions]
chore a routine task, esp. around the house or yard. [1/2 definitions]
courtyard an enclosed yard with no roof, either within or adjacent to a building.
dinkey a small locomotive, used in a railroad yard to shift or haul cars.
dolly a small train engine used in a railway yard, quarry, or the like. [1/6 definitions]
dooryard a yard at the door of a house.
fore-topgallant of, pertaining to, or denoting the mast, sail, yard, or the like directly above the fore-topmast.
garden (chiefly British) an area around one's home planted with grass, flowers, or other plants; yard. [1/6 definitions]
jackstay a rope or rod along a ship's yard, gaff, or boom to which one edge of a sail is fastened. [2/3 definitions]
junkyard a yard or lot in which junk such as scrap metal or old cars is collected, stored, and sold.
lateen of or designating a triangular sail that is hung on a long, sloping yard, which is in turn attached at an angle to a short mast. [1/2 definitions]
lugsail a four-sided sail lacking a boom, the upper edge of which is supported by a yard that crosses the mast obliquely.
piece goods goods, esp. fabrics, made in a standard width and sold by linear measure; yard goods.
pigpen a yard or cage in which pigs are kept. [1/2 definitions]
pigsty a yard or cage in which pigs are kept; pigpen. [1/2 definitions]
spar1 a strong pole, esp. one that supports sails on a ship, such as the mast, boom, gaff, or yard. [1/3 definitions]
square sail a four-sided sail rigged on a yard that is horizontal to the mast and athwart the keel of a sailing vessel.
sq. yd. abbreviation of "square yard," or "square yards."
switchyard a railroad yard where railroad cars are moved from one track to another by means of a series of switches.
truck1 a flat, wheeled platform often used for transporting loads in a freight yard or warehouse. [1/8 definitions]
unsling to remove slings from (esp. the yard of a ship). [1/2 definitions]