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abandon ship to leave a ship that is in danger of sinking. [2 definitions]
abase to diminish (something of value) or to place (esp. oneself) in a lower position than another or others; lower; demean.
abatement the ending or suppression of a lawsuit, a nuisance, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
abatis an obstacle constructed by bending and sharpening the branches of trees or implanting sharpened limbs in a soil barricade, sometimes interlaced with barbed wire.
abattoir a place where animals are killed and cut up for food; slaughterhouse.
abbé a title of respect for any clergyman, esp. in France.
abbess the female superior of a convent of nuns.
abbey a monastery or convent, or the buildings that compose it.
abbot the male superior of a monastery.
abbreviate to represent in writing by using a shorter form or a few letters. [1/2 definitions]
abbreviation a shortened form of a word or phrase used in writing. [1/2 definitions]
ABC soil a soil made up of three distinct layers, the A, or top layer, being humus and organic matter, the B layer being clay and oxidized material, and the C layer being loose rock and mineral materials.
abdicate to formally relinquish a position of power, a claim, or a right. [3 definitions]
abduction of a muscle, the act or process of drawing away from the main axis of the body. [1/2 definitions]
abeam at right angles to a line passing from the front to the back of a ship.
Aberdeen Angus any of various hornless beef cattle originating in Scotland and having a smooth black coat.
aberration a deviation from what is considered normal or right; irregularity. [2/3 definitions]
abeyance in law, a condition of temporarily undetermined ownership, as of property or an estate. [1/2 definitions]
abhorrence a feeling of complete loathing, repulsion, or horror.
-ability capacity or fitness for (such) a state, use, or action.
a bit somewhat; rather; to a small extent.