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accountability the state or quality of being accountable.
accouterment the act of outfitting or being outfitted. [1/2 definitions]
accumulation the condition of being accumulated. [1/3 definitions]
accuracy the condition or quality of being accurate.
accusatory being or containing an accusation.
acidity the characteristic or state of being acid. [1/3 definitions]
acid rain rain that has high acidity because of being mixed with pollutants such as vehicle exhausts and residues from burning of fossil fuels for energy or from chemical manufacturing.
acknowledgment the act of acknowledging, or the fact of being acknowledged. [1/2 definitions]
acquittal the act of acquitting, or the fact or condition of being acquitted.
actable capable of being acted, as a role or a play.
action something that is done, is being done, or will be done. [1/8 definitions]
active in grammar, designating the voice or form of a verb whose subject acts through the verb, rather than being the object of the verb's action, such as "signed" in "Five petitioners signed the document". (Cf. passive.) [2/7 definitions]
activity the condition or state of being active. [1/4 definitions]
actual verified as a fact or as being the real thing. [1/3 definitions]
adaptation the act or process of adapting, or the state of being adapted. [2/4 definitions]
addiction the condition of being addicted, esp. to a narcotic substance.
addlebrained being or seeming to be the product of a confused mind; foolish. [1/2 definitions]
adequacy the state of being adequate.
adjournment the act of adjourning, or the condition of being adjourned. [2 definitions]
adjustment the state of being adjusted. [1/3 definitions]
admirable worthy of being admired; excellent.