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biomass the quantity of living matter in a particular habitat measured by weight of organisms per unit of habitat area or by weight or volume of organisms per unit of habitat volume.
bit2 (informal) matter or issue. [1/4 definitions]
blackhead a small, black-tipped plug of fatty matter blocking a pore of the skin, esp. on the face. [1/3 definitions]
black hole a hypothetical region or body in space, possibly the remnants of a collapsed star, with such a strong gravitational pull that neither light nor matter can escape.
BM abbreviation of "bowel movement," the evacuation of waste matter from the bowels.
body a large portion of land, water, air, or other matter with specific boundaries. [1/7 definitions]
bone of contention an issue or matter that causes or is the focus of disagreement.
bowel movement the evacuation of waste matter from the bowels. [2 definitions]
bream2 to clean (a ship's hull) of barnacles and other matter by applying heat and scraping.
brief a formal outline of information and arguments used in a legal case or other matter. [1/8 definitions]
bur in medicine and dentistry, a tool for cutting away matter from bones or teeth. [1/3 definitions]
business a duty or matter that appropriately concerns one (specified) person or group and no one else. [2/9 definitions]
caption a heading, title, or legend for printed matter such as a magazine article, newspaper photo, or graph. [2/4 definitions]
carbon the carbon ash that results when wood or other organic matter is burned in the presence of little or no air; charcoal or soot. [1/7 definitions]
case1 a matter or circumstance requiring investigation by authorities such as the police. [1/9 definitions]
catch basin a receptacle at the entry to a sewer designed to trap any matter that might block drainage.
-chrome color or coloring matter; pigment. [1/3 definitions]
circular a piece of printed matter, usu. commercial, that is widely distributed. [1/5 definitions]
clog to become blocked, esp. with sticky matter. [1/7 definitions]
cloture in U.S. parliamentary procedure, a method of ending debate and causing an immediate vote on the matter being discussed. [1/2 definitions]
cloud a similar body of other types of matter such as dust or smoke. [1/8 definitions]