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bitter end the end or conclusion of an unpleasant process, situation, or activity (usu. prec. by "the"). [1/2 definitions]
box1 a difficult situation; predicament; dilemma. [1/9 definitions]
breakout a forceful escape from a restricting place or situation, such as prison.
bring out to make (someone) feel more confident and outgoing in a social situation. [1/5 definitions]
brush fire a sudden outbreak of some threatening activity, as in a military situation, that is likely to spread if it is not controlled. [1/2 definitions]
bye2 in a sports tournament, the situation of a contestant that is automatically passed on to the next round without having to face an opponent. [1/2 definitions]
casualty a thing or person harmed or lost as a result of some event or situation. [1/5 definitions]
catbird seat any situation or position that gives one control or the power to gain one's ends.
Catch-22 a situation in which one is trapped between two logically contradictory rules or regulations that make successful action impossible.
check in chess, the situation in which a king is at risk of being captured by an opponent's piece. [1/19 definitions]
checkmate any situation in which no escape is possible and defeat is certain. [2/3 definitions]
circumstance an occurrence or fact associated with or having an impact on an event or situation. [3/6 definitions]
climate the emotional, political, or social conditions prevailing in a place, time, or situation. [1/3 definitions]
closed shop this type of agreement or work situation. [1/2 definitions]
clutch1 a tense, crucial situation. [1/9 definitions]
comedy an amusing occurrence or situation, or an entertainment based on such. [1/4 definitions]
common courtesy something generally done or said in a given situation in order to be considerate or polite.
competitive having a strong inclination to compete or to succeed in almost every situation. [1/3 definitions]
complacency satisfaction with oneself or one's situation; smugness.
complacent contented with oneself or one's situation to a degree that prevents self-criticism, further progress, or appropriate response to signals of danger or risk. [1/2 definitions]
complexion the general appearance or character of a situation or set of circumstances. [1/2 definitions]