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brief a short, concise synopsis or statement. [1/8 definitions]
call-and-response of or pertaining to music that alternates between one player, singer, or section, and another in a pattern of statement and response.
calumny a harmful statement, known by the maker to be false. [2 definitions]
certification a certified statement or document. [1/3 definitions]
chit1 a written statement of money owed, esp. for food or drink.
claim a statement that is maintained to be true although it is not proven or universally accepted to be true. [1/8 definitions]
clincher a decisive or final point, fact, or statement to persuade someone, as in arguing or selling. [1/3 definitions]
comment a written or spoken statement of observation or opinion. [2/8 definitions]
contradict to express opposition to the statement of (a person). [2/4 definitions]
contradiction a statement that contradicts itself or another statement; denial. [1/4 definitions]
contrariety something that is contrary to something else, such as a statement or fact. [1/2 definitions]
conversely used to put forward a statement or idea that is the opposite or the reverse of one that has just been expressed.
counterstatement combined form of statement.
credence acceptance (of a statement or the like) as valid or true. [1/2 definitions]
creed a formal statement of religious principles, esp. of Christian beliefs, such as the Apostles' Creed. [1/2 definitions]
daresay to take the risk of saying (used to introduce a statement of what one imagines to be true; used only in the first person singular in the present tense).
declaration a statement indicating goods or income to be taxed. [1/4 definitions]
declarative making a statement, assertion, or declaration.
declare to make a full statement of (goods or income to be taxed). [1/7 definitions]
definition the statement of the meaning of a word or phrase. [1/3 definitions]
denial a statement or assertion of the falsehood of something. [1/5 definitions]