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cardio- heart.
cardiogram the curve drawn by an electrocardiograph in recording the mechanical movements of the heart, used in the diagnosis of heart defects and disease; electrocardiogram.
cardiograph an instrument used to detect and record the differences in bodily electric potential that are associated with the action of the heart; electrocardiograph.
cardiologist a medical doctor who specializes in the workings and diseases of the heart.
cardiology the medical study of the heart, its normal functioning, and its diseases.
cardiomyopathy chronic disease of the heart muscle.
cardiopulmonary of or pertaining to the heart and lungs.
cardiorespiratory of or pertaining to the heart and respiratory system.
cardiovascular of or pertaining to the heart and blood vessels.
cholinesterase an enzyme found in the heart, brain, and blood that hydrolyzes acetylcholine to acetic acid and choline, to block the transmission of nerve impulses.
cineraria a cultivated plant having heart-shaped leaves and clusters of bright daisylike flowers. [1/2 definitions]
cockle any of a number of round or heart-shaped, often edible, mollusks with two hinged shells. [1/5 definitions]
cordate resembling the conventional symbol for the heart in shape, as certain leaves.
cordial invigorating, esp. for the heart. [1/4 definitions]
coronary of or pertaining to the heart or the blood vessels that supply it. [3/5 definitions]
coronary insufficiency a medical condition in which the heart muscle does not receive enough oxygenated blood, resulting in angina pectoris or heart failure.
cyclamen any of various plants of the primrose family that bear brightly colored flowers and heart-shaped leaves.
defibrillate to stop the fibrillation of (a heart), usu. by administering electric shock.
diastole in physiology, the normal rhythmic expansion of the heart chambers, during which the chambers fill with blood. (Cf. systole.)
digitalis a heart stimulant derived from the dried leaves of the foxglove plant. [1/2 definitions]
echocardiogram a sonogram of the heart.