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Cartesian coordinates a pair of coordinates for locating a point on a plane by its distances from two intersecting, usu. perpendicular lines. [1/2 definitions]
castanet one of a pair of slightly concave wooden or ivory instruments, held in the hand and clicked together to provide rhythmic accompaniment, esp. to certain Spanish dances.
centipede any of various nocturnal arthropods, with a narrow, wormlike body consisting of many segments, each segment having a pair of legs and the front segment having poison fangs or claws.
chelicera either of the first pair of appendages of spiders, ticks, and the like, esp. used for grasping.
chino (usu. pl.) a pair of trousers made of such fabric. [1/2 definitions]
chopstick one of a pair of thin wooden, ivory, or plastic sticks used as eating utensils, esp. in East Asian countries.
claw hammer a hammer with the back side of the head curved and split in two to resemble a pair of claws, used to pry out nails.
companion a match or mate in a pair. [1/3 definitions]
conjugate in grammar, any one of a group or pair of conjugate words. [1/5 definitions]
couple to pair (one thing with another) or fasten together as a pair; connect. [2/6 definitions]
covalent bond the chemical bond between two atoms, each of which supplies one half of each pair of shared electrons; covalence.
crossruff a sequence of plays in a card game such as bridge in which each of a pair of partners leads a suit that the other partner trumps. [1/2 definitions]
crosstree either of a pair of horizontal bars attached to a ship's masthead in order to spread the shrouds.
cube1 (slang) one of a pair of dice. [1/5 definitions]
cuff link either of a pair of linked buttons or other small device inserted into the buttonholes of a cuff to keep it closed.
deadeye one of a pair of hardwood disks with holes and concave rims through and around which certain rigging ropes are passed, used esp. to tighten the stays and shrouds of sailing vessels. [1/2 definitions]
dibranchiate any of various tentacled mollusks, such as octopus and squid, that have one pair of gills.
digraph a pair of letters representing a single sound, such as "sh" in "shine".
dipole a pair of electric charges or magnetic poles that are of equal magnitude but opposite polarity. [1/3 definitions]
double-reed of, pertaining to, or designating any woodwind instrument that sounds by means of a pair of reeds that vibrate against each other. [1/2 definitions]
doublet two similar things; pair or couple. [2/4 definitions]