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Confiteor a prayer at the beginning of the Roman Catholic Mass, in which there is a confession of sins.
consul a national government official assigned to live in a foreign city in order to give assistance and protection to his or her nation's citizens who live or travel there, and to promote his or her country's commercial interests. [1/2 definitions]
could used to express that there was ability to do something in the past, or that an action or state was possible in the past. [1/4 definitions]
crime scene a location being investigated by police or other officials because a crime has been committed there and because such location may provide forensic evidence.
Cypriot the Greek dialect spoken there. [1/3 definitions]
dead end a point beyond which there is no hope of continuation; impasse. [1/2 definitions]
drop off to drive (someone) to a place and let them get out of the vehicle there. [1/3 definitions]
duopsony the market condition that exists when there are only two buyers, who can thus exert great influence on price. (Cf. monopsony, oligopsony.)
escheat in law, the reversion of property to the state when there are no heirs. [1/4 definitions]
fair2 a local gathering of people in which there are things for sale such as crafts or prepared foods and in which there are games and other amusements. The purpose of such an event is typically community fellowship and fund-raising. [1/3 definitions]
follow up to continue to monitor (patients, test subjects, or the like) to see if there are any changes or problems. [1/3 definitions]
force to bring about (something) despite there being reluctance or unwillingness. [1/14 definitions]
free verse poetry in which there are no regular rhymes, stanzaic forms, or metrical patterns.
Gila River Relocation Center a U.S. internment camp located on the Gila River Indian Reservation that was built for the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. At its peak, there were over 13,000 people forcibly living there.
globe a round or spherical object, esp. a ball on which there is a map of the earth. [1/6 definitions]
glut to supply (a market) with much more of a particular article than there is demand for. [1/5 definitions]
go without saying to be so clearly true or evident that there is no need to mention (something); used to emphasize one's certainty about or the obviousness of something.
Granada Relocation Center a U.S. internment camp, also known as Camp Amache, located in southeastern Colorado that was built for the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. At its peak, there were 7,300 people forcibly living there.
grand jury a jury made up of citizens who are gathered to determine whether there is enough evidence against accused persons to indict them and bring them to trial. A grand jury is typically composed of twenty-three people but the number may vary.
grand slam in baseball, a home run hit when there is a runner on each base. [1/4 definitions]
ground cover any of numerous low-growing plants that grow thickly and cover the ground, and often prevent soil erosion where there is little grass. [1/2 definitions]