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cosmic of immense extent or importance; vast. [1/3 definitions]
coverage the degree or extent to which something is covered. [1/3 definitions]
decrease the amount or extent by which something decreases. [1/4 definitions]
deep to or at a great extent, distance, or period of time. [1/13 definitions]
deficient inadequate in amount or extent. [1/2 definitions]
define to establish or determine the limits or extent of. [1/4 definitions]
degree measure or extent. [1/6 definitions]
depth the extent or distance to which something reaches from its top or front to its bottom or back. [1/8 definitions]
dip to engage briefly or to a small extent in studying; dabble; browse. [1/15 definitions]
displacement the act of displacing, or the condition or extent of being displaced. [1/4 definitions]
distance an extent of space, as between two objects or places. [1/7 definitions]
doubly to twice the extent or degree; with double the effort or emphasis.
down to to the extreme extent of (the smallest thing). [1/3 definitions]
driftage the act or extent of drifting, as from a set course. [1/2 definitions]
drunk moved by something to the extent that one's mind, body, or emotions are affected. [1/6 definitions]
end extreme limit; ultimate extent. [1/18 definitions]
enormous extremely large in size, quantity, or extent; huge; immense.
entirety the total amount or extent. [1/2 definitions]
equally to the same degree or extent. [1/2 definitions]
expanse a wide and open area, as of landscape; that which is of wide extent. [1/2 definitions]
far by or to a great degree or extent. [1/5 definitions]