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curling a game played on ice in which two teams, of four players each, slide a stone or other heavy object toward a circle at either end of the ice, the players being permitted to clean the path of the stone to control its speed and direction.
cutwater the upstream face of a bridge pier, designed to resist moving water or ice. [1/2 definitions]
debacle a torrent of rushing water or broken-up ice, as on a river; flood. [1/3 definitions]
defrost to remove frost or ice from. [1/3 definitions]
de-ice to keep free of ice or remove ice from.
erode to form (a geological feature) by wearing away, esp. by the action of water, ice, or wind. [1/3 definitions]
face-off in ice hockey, the initiation of play in which the referee drops the puck between two opposing team members who then contend for control of it. [1/2 definitions]
field hockey a form of hockey that is played with a small ball on a field, rather than with a puck on ice.
figure skater an ice skater who is capable of tracing perfect figures onto the ice with the blade of his or her skate and executes athletic jumps and dance movements.
figure skating ice skating in which the skater traces elaborate figures on ice or, in competition, executes athletic jumps and dance movements.
floe a mass of sheet ice floating usu. on the sea, or a detached piece of such a mass.
fountain a counter in a store or restaurant at which one can purchase sodas and other ice cream dishes, and often a limited selection of other light food and drink, for consumption on the premises; soda fountain. [1/5 definitions]
frappé a liqueur poured over crushed or shaved ice. [2/3 definitions]
freeze to become hardened into ice or a solid form through loss of heat. [3/17 definitions]
freezing at or near the temperature at which water turns to ice. [1/2 definitions]
frost a light, white covering of dew or water vapor frozen into ice crystals. [2/9 definitions]
frosted covered or tipped with ice crystals. [1/4 definitions]
frozen covered, clogged, or surrounded by ice. [1/6 definitions]
frozen custard a food similar to ice cream but made with skim milk and having a softer smoother texture.
glacé to make glacé; glaze; ice. [1/2 definitions]
glacial of, concerning, coming from, or marked by the presence of glaciers or other large ice masses. [1/5 definitions]