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degeneration the gradual decrease in the efficiency of bodily organs or tissues, resulting from disease or aging. [1/4 definitions]
dehydrate to cause (the body or bodily tissues) to lose water. [1/4 definitions]
dehydration the bodily condition of having lost a significant amount of water. [1/2 definitions]
demineralization in physiology, the loss of bodily minerals. [1/2 definitions]
depressant causing a slowing of bodily functions, as by the action of a drug. [2 definitions]
dislocate to displace (a bodily part), esp. to put (a bone) out of joint. [1/3 definitions]
dysfunctional not working normally, as a bodily organ; impaired. [1/2 definitions]
endocrine of a gland, releasing a secretion directly into the bodily fluids, as do the thyroid and adrenals, rather than through ducts. [2/4 definitions]
excretion the act or process of eliminating bodily waste matter. [1/2 definitions]
fit1 in good bodily condition; healthy and vigorous. [1/11 definitions]
flux an abnormal discharge of bodily fluid, as from the bowels, or the disease causing it; dysentery. [1/9 definitions]
humoral of, concerning, or arising from any of the bodily fluids.
hypoplasia the state or condition of being underdeveloped or undersized, as in a bodily structure or organ.
hypostasis in medicine, the settling or concentration of blood or particles of blood, as in a test tube, or in a bodily organ because of poor circulation. [1/4 definitions]
hypoxia a deficiency of oxygen in bodily tissue.
immune system the bodily system of organs, tissues, cells, and cell products, which protects the body by detecting the presence of, and disabling, disease-causing agents in the body.
incarnate having bodily form; personified. [2/5 definitions]
irrigation the washing or spraying of a bodily area as part of a medical treatment. [1/2 definitions]
irritated chafed, inflamed, or abraded, as a bodily tissue. [1/2 definitions]
isthmus a similar connection between bodily parts, organs, or cavities. [1/2 definitions]
kinesthesia the bodily sensation of position, movement, strain, or the like through stimulation of the nerves in muscles, joints, and tendons.