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determiner in grammar, a word, such as "a," "that," and "many," that in languages such as English often occurs before a noun or noun phrase and limits its range of application. [1/2 definitions]
devise to invent or make (a plan, device, or solution of a problem), esp. by a fresh application of known information; arrange; contrive. [1/3 definitions]
dialectical materialism a materialist philosophy and conception of history developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels through their application of Hegel's dialectical method.
differential calculus the branch of mathematics that has to do with differentials and their application.
document a file containing information such as text or media, created with a computer application. [1/4 definitions]
econometrics (used with a sing. verb) the application of mathematical and statistical methods to research in economics.
electrolysis the application of electric current to destroy living tissue such as hair roots or skin growths. [1/2 definitions]
end user the user for whom a personal computing device or application is ultimately designed, particularly as distinct from one who designs, programs, manufactures, or sells the end product.
equity in law, a system supplementing the common law and serving to allow flexibility in cases where strict application of the law would result in hardship or unfairness. [1/5 definitions]
facial a treatment of the face, consisting of a massage and the application of cosmetic creams. [1/2 definitions]
file1 to submit an application. [1/7 definitions]
finger painting the application of paint with the fingers, hands, or forearms, rather than with a brush, to create a picture or design. [1/2 definitions]
force pump a pump with a valveless plunger, used to raise the level of a liquid or convey it through a pipe by the application of pressure.
forensic medicine the application of expert medical knowledge to questions of law.
Gordon Hirabayashi an American of Japanese descent who, during World War II, was one of only a few Japanese-Americans to openly defy the relocation orders of the U.S. Government. He challenged the constitutionality of the application of curfews for minority groups, and his case eventually went to the Supreme Court, where he was unanimously ruled against in Hirabayashi v. United States in 1943 (b.1918--2012).
grammar the application of these conventions and rules in speech or writing. [1/4 definitions]
hydropathy the treatment of disease by the use of water, as by drinking or external application. (Cf. hydrotherapy.)
hydrotherapy the treatment of disease through the internal or external application of water.
impasto the thick application of paint on canvas, as in certain painting techniques, or the paint so applied.
impress1 a mark created, as on paper, by the application of pressure. [1/7 definitions]
impression a mark created by the application of pressure. [1/6 definitions]