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elapse the passage or ending of a period of time; lapse. [1/2 definitions]
evening a time of decline; ending. [1/4 definitions]
expiry a termination or ending, esp. of an agreement or contract; expiration.
Fenian a member of a group formed in the nineteenth century to advocate the ending of British rule in Ireland, composed of Irish and Irish-Americans.
finish a death, downfall, or conclusive ending. [1/11 definitions]
Holy Roman Empire the empire of central European, Germanic-speaking nations and Italy, beginning with Charlemagne's reign as Roman emperor in 800 A.D. or the crowning of Otto I in 962, and ending in 1806.
horsehead fiddle a Mongolian stringed instrument played with a bow, having a box-shaped body and a neck ending in a carving of a horse.
-ility (such) a quality or condition of being (used to form abstract nouns from adjectives ending in -le or -ile.).
-ine2 used as an ending of feminine nouns, names, and the like. [1/2 definitions]
integration the ending of racial separation or segregation, esp. as occurring in the United States. [1/3 definitions]
joke a short fictional story told to provoke laughter, esp. in reaction to the ending. [1/7 definitions]
morning the earliest part of the day, beginning about sunrise and ending about noon. [1/4 definitions]
nonending combined form of ending.
-osity (such) a state, condition, or quality (used to form nouns from adjectives ending in -ose or -ous).
-phorous bearing or producing (used to form adjectives from certain nouns ending in -phore).
-plastic used to form adjectives from nouns ending in "-plasm," "-plast," or "-plasty". [1/2 definitions]
Precambrian of, relating to, or designating the earliest geological era, ending approximately 600 million years ago, when the earth's crust was formed and the first evidence of life appeared. [1/2 definitions]
punch1 to record the time of beginning or ending work by using (a time clock). [1/6 definitions]
punch out to record the time of ending work, esp. by pressing a card into a device called a time clock.
receptor a structure, such as a nerve ending, that receives sensory information. [1/2 definitions]
rest1 the ending or absence of motion. [1/20 definitions]