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eureka I have found it! (used to express excitement at having solved a problem or made a discovery).
excited aroused to a condition of excitement; thrilled; agitated.
exciting causing excitement, arousal, or agitation.
fast-paced characterized by near constant activity, hurry, or excitement. [1/3 definitions]
fermentation excitement, agitation, or upset; ferment. [1/2 definitions]
fever a state of intense excitement or activity. [1/4 definitions]
feverish marked by agitation, excitement, or restlessness. [1/2 definitions]
fire passion or imaginative excitement. [1/14 definitions]
flip out (informal) to lose control of one's emotions, esp. in anger or excitement.
flurry a sudden, short spell of activity, agitation, excitement, or confusion. [1/4 definitions]
flutter a state or the result of agitation or excitement; fluster or flurry; commotion. [1/9 definitions]
frenzy a seizure marked by violent agitation, excitement, or enthusiasm, or the activity accompanying such a seizure. [2/3 definitions]
frisson an intense sensation of excitement or fear that comes on suddenly; thrill.
furor a state of general excitement or intense enthusiasm. [1/4 definitions]
glamorize to heighten the excitement or glamour of; romanticize or glorify. [1/2 definitions]
glamorous full of or characterized by fascination, allure, or excitement.
glamour a quality of excitement, desirability, and compelling attractiveness in one's appearance or manner.
hair-raising causing fright or excitement.
hot dog (informal) used to express excitement or delight. [1/3 definitions]
hullabaloo a widespread excitement, uproar, or publicity. [1/2 definitions]
hyperexcitement combined form of excitement.