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fez a man's felt cap, shaped like a flat-topped cone and usu. red with a black tassel, worn esp. in Middle Eastern countries.
firebrick a heat-resistant brick, esp. one used in the construction of a furnace, oven, or the like.
fire clay a heat-resistant clay used in furnace linings, crucibles, fire bricks, and the like.
fire door an interior door of heat-resistant material that is designed to contain the spread of a fire in a building.
flatboat a flat-bottomed boat used for transporting goods on shallow waters.
flatiron a flat-bottomed iron that is heated and used to press clothes.
Formica trademark for a heat-resistant and chemical-resistant covering of thermosetting plastic, esp. used on tables and counter tops.
gondola any of various other flat-bottomed boats. [1/5 definitions]
grandaunt see "great-aunt."
grandnephew a son of one's niece or nephew; great-nephew.
grandniece a daughter of one's niece or nephew; great-niece.
granduncle see "great-uncle."
gravy boat an elongated, boat-shaped dish, often with a pouring spout, that is used for serving gravy or sauce.
grenadier any of a variety of deep-sea fishes having an elongated tapering tail without a tail fin; rat-tail. [1/2 definitions]
jerry can a flat-sided, narrow five-gallon container for liquids, esp. gasoline.
johnboat a flat-bottomed boat with a square bow and stern, used on inland waters.
junk2 a high-sterned, flat-bottomed boat of Chinese origin, driven by square sails.
landing craft any of various flat-bottomed boats designed to bring soldiers and equipment close to shore during amphibious assaults.
lighter2 a large, usu. unpowered flat-bottomed boat used mainly to transport cargo between a larger ship and shore; barge. [1/2 definitions]
oven cloth (chiefly British) a piece of heat-resistant material used to handle cooking utensils and dishes when they are too hot to touch with bare hands; potholder.
pit viper any of various poisonous snakes that have a prominent heat-sensitive depression on either side of the head.