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fluke2 that which is accidentally successful; stroke of good luck.
follow-through the final part of a stroke, kick, throw, or swing, as of a golf club after the ball has been hit. [1/2 definitions]
fondle to touch or stroke in a tender or affectionate manner; treat lovingly; caress. [1/2 definitions]
forehand of a stroke in tennis or the like, performed with the palm facing forward. [3/4 definitions]
forehanded in tennis and similar sports, using a forehand stroke or motion. [1/3 definitions]
freestyle a competitive swimming event in which the swimmers can use any stroke. [1/3 definitions]
half volley a racket stroke, as in tennis, that hits the ball just as it bounces up after striking the ground.
hit to deliver a blow or stroke to. [2/16 definitions]
homocysteine An amino acid that is an intermediate in the metabolism of methionine. In humans, elevated levels of homocysteine in blood are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.
ictus in medicine, a sudden pathological attack, such as a stroke or epileptic seizure. [1/2 definitions]
keystroke a stroke made on a typewriter or computer keyboard.
knuckle to hit, push, or stroke with the knuckles. [1/4 definitions]
lash1 a stroke, sweep, or blow by a whip. [1/11 definitions]
medley relay a swimming race in which each member of a team uses a different stroke for each of several equivalent distances. [1/2 definitions]
miscue in billiards, a mistake caused by failing to stroke the ball properly with the cue. [2/6 definitions]
overhand a stroke or toss performed with the forearm and elbow raised. [1/4 definitions]
parry to deflect or knock aside (a blow or stroke), as with one's weapon in fencing. [3/5 definitions]
pat1 a light tap or stroke with the open hand or a flat object. [1/5 definitions]
peck2 a stroke, nip, or blow with or as with a beak. [1/7 definitions]
pet1 to pat, stroke, or caress; touch or treat as a pet. [1/7 definitions]
pothook an S-shaped writing stroke. [1/2 definitions]