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fly ball in baseball, a batted ball that rises high in the air; fly. (Cf. ground ball.)
fly-cast to fish by casting an artificial fly, attached to a light leader, which is in turn attached to a heavy line, with a lightweight, flexible rod.
fly casting the act, technique, or sport of fishing by casting a heavy line, from a lightweight flexible rod, to which an artificial fly has been attached by means of a light leader.
fly-fishing a method of fishing that involves casting with a rod and and using an artifical fly as bait.
flying being able to fly or seeming to fly. [1/6 definitions]
glide to fly in a glider. [1/9 definitions]
halter2 either of a pair of club-shaped appendages that form rudimentary hind wings on an insect, such as the fly or mosquito, and serve to maintain its balance in flight.
hedgehop to fly very low in an airplane, avoiding trees and other obstacles by rising over them.
herl a fly made with this material. [1/2 definitions]
Hessian fly a small fly, the larvae of which infest and consume the stems of grasses, wheat, and other grain plants.
housefly a fly that is commonly found in and around human dwellings and is known to spread a number of diseases.
ichneumon an ichneumon fly. [1/2 definitions]
loop to fly (an airplane) in a loop or sequence of loops. [2/11 definitions]
lovebug a small black fly of the southeastern United States that swarms in large numbers in May and September.
maggot the sluglike larva of the fly and many other insects. [1/2 definitions]
Mediterranean fruit fly a small two-winged fruit fly, the larvae of which infest and feed on many types of fruit.
moth any of numerous broad-winged insects that have fine or featherlike antennae, usu. fly at night, and are usu. thicker of body and less colorful than butterflies. [1/2 definitions]
nighthawk any of several long-winged birds related to the whippoorwill that fly mostly at night and catch insects in the air.
noctuid any of a large group of moths that are dull in color, fly at night, and produce destructive larvae such as cutworms and armyworms.
overfly to fly an aircraft over (a specific area, esp. of a foreign country) for the purpose of reconnaissance. [2 definitions]
pipistrelle any of a genus of small bats, found in North America and most of the Eastern Hemisphere, that fly before nightfall.