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Georgian of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the period of British history from the reign of George I through that of George IV, or the style, as of architecture, of that period. [1/6 definitions]
Gilded Age in U.S. history, the post-Civil War era, characterized by rapid industrialization, economic expansion, and widespread corruption in business and government.
golden age the most creative and flourishing period in the history of a nation, art form, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
Hiroshima a city in southwest Honshu, Japan, on which the United States dropped an atomic bomb in August, 1945--the first use of a nuclear weapon in history. Hiroshima has been rebuilt and is a thriving city.
historian one who writes about or is an expert on history.
historic significant in history. [2/4 definitions]
historical of or relating to history or to the past. [3 definitions]
historical materialism the Marxist principle holding that economic factors are predominant in forming and shaping social and political structures throughout history.
historicity of an event, the fact of having occurred in history; historical authenticity.
historiographer a historian, esp. one commissioned to write a particular history, as of an institution. [1/2 definitions]
historiography a body of written history; historical literature. [2/3 definitions]
humanity (pl.) a body of artistic and intellectual disciplines including philosophy, literature, history, and fine arts. [1/4 definitions]
hymnology the study of hymns, according to their history or the like. [1/3 definitions]
iconology in art history, the study or interpretation of symbols or icons. [1/2 definitions]
John Bull a typical Englishman or a personification of the English government or people, after the main character in the eighteenth-century allegory History of John Bull by John Arbuthnot.
Judges a book of the Old Testament that relates the history of the Jews between the death of Joshua and the birth of Samuel.
liberal arts the subjects that make up a college degree program, such as literature, history, and philosophy, that emphasize the development of cultural awareness and critical skills rather than practical training for a career or profession.
life history the history of changes undergone by an organism in the course of its lifetime from conception to death. [2/3 definitions]
martyrology a history of religious martyrs, esp. Christian martyrs. [2/4 definitions]
Meiji Restoration a period in Japanese history that is characterized by the downfall of feudalism and the opening of Japan to trade and diplomatic relations with the West.
Middle Ages the period of European history between antiquity and the Renaissance, from 500 A.D. to about 1500 A.D.