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glory the state of greatest happiness, prosperity, or success. [1/8 definitions]
Godspeed good fortune and success (used as a wish to a person beginning a journey, venture, or the like).
grand slam (informal) a total success. [1/4 definitions]
handicap an advantage or disadvantage placed on a competitor in a race or contest so as to equalize the chances for success among all the participants. [1/6 definitions]
happy-go-lucky trusting one's well-being or success to luck; carefree.
help an aid to improvement or success, or an aid in solving a problem. [1/13 definitions]
here's to I wish success, health, prosperity, or the like for (a person, group, project, period of time, or the like); here is a toast to (a person or the like).
heyday the time of maximum influence, power, or success; prime.
hit the jackpot (informal) to have sudden good luck or success, esp. with a financial reward.
hopeful a young person who hopes for or shows promise of success. [1/3 definitions]
ice (informal) to ensure success in. [1/12 definitions]
inauspicious showing little or no promise of success; unfavorable.
jealousy envious or suspicious resentment, as of another's success, good fortune, or good qualities. [1/4 definitions]
jump on the bandwagon to join a party, cause, or movement because it is popular and seems assured of success, especially during an election.
land (informal) to bring about, as a gain or success. [1/12 definitions]
long shot any attempt or venture that has only a small chance of success but will offer great rewards if it does succeed. [1/3 definitions]
luck good fortune; success. [1/2 definitions]
made successful or guaranteed of success. [1/3 definitions]
make the grade to achieve success by reaching a desired goal; succeed.
making (usu. pl.) the elements contributing to success. [1/3 definitions]
nonsuccess combined form of success.