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grievous causing emotional or physical suffering; painful. [1/3 definitions]
hard knocks difficult or painful experiences, disappointments, or instances of rough treatment.
harrowing deeply distressing or painful.
hemorrhoid an often painful mass of swollen veins in or at the anus; pile. [1/2 definitions]
horror an overpowering and painful feeling of fear, shock, dread, or revulsion. [1/5 definitions]
inflammation a localized reaction of tissue to illness or injury, marked by heat, redness, swelling, and painful sensitivity to pressure. [1/2 definitions]
intolerable too disagreeable, difficult, or painful to be endured; not tolerable.
itai-itai disease a painful degenerative bone disease contracted by ingesting water or food that has been polluted by industrial cadmium waste.
migraine an extremely painful, usu. recurring headache that is characteristically accompanied by vision disturbances and nausea.
milk leg a painful swelling in a woman's leg occurring after childbirth, caused by clotting or inflammation of the veins.
ordeal a painful, exhausting, or emotionally trying experience, esp. when regarded as a test of a person's endurance or character. [1/2 definitions]
photophobia an abnormal fear of or painful sensitivity to light, sometimes resulting from eye ailments.
priapism a pathological condition of continuous, often painful, erection of the penis, esp. as caused by disease. [1/2 definitions]
prick the painful sting of guilt, shame, sorrow, or the like. [1/9 definitions]
remorse a sincere, often painful sense of regret for past misdeeds.
Rolfing trademark for an often painful massage technique used to relieve emotional and physical stress.
scrub typhus an acute infectious disease of Asia that is transmitted by a mite larva and characterized by fever, rash, skin lesions, and painful swelling of the lymph glands.
shingles (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a painful viral skin disease that afflicts nerve tissue and causes eruptions of blisters.
shinsplints (used with a sing. verb) a painful condition in which the extensor muscles of the lower leg are strained, often from running or jogging on hard surfaces.
sore a painful or sensitive wound or bruise on the body, esp. one in which the skin is broken. [1/7 definitions]
sore throat painful inflammation of the throat, typically caused by an upper respiratory infection.