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ha ha used to express amusement, particularly when writing, or to mock or ridicule someone.
humor a quality that evokes laughter or amusement. [1/5 definitions]
jaunt to take a brief trip or outing, usu. for amusement. [2 definitions]
joke anything intended to be funny or a source of amusement. [2/7 definitions]
lark2 a gay, carefree adventure or amusement. [1/4 definitions]
laugh to express amusement, happiness, mirth, derision, or other emotions by making nonverbal sounds with the mouth and distorting the face in an expression like a smile (often fol. by "about" or "at"). [1/6 definitions]
laugh in one's sleeve to hide one's amusement or disdain.
laugh up one's sleeve to hide one's amusement or disdain.
novelty a small, unusual article sold mainly for amusement. [1/3 definitions]
penny arcade a hall or building, esp. in an amusement park, in which various mechanical games, peep shows, and other entertainment devices may be operated for a small sum.
pinball machine an amusement machine played by driving a metal ball up an incline with mechanical levers, the object being to keep the ball in play to score points by hitting various bars and pins.
play activity that is intended for relaxation or amusement. [1/22 definitions]
play a trick to carry out a plan that deceives or makes a fool of someone and gives amusement to oneself or others (usu. fol. by "on").
ride a large mechanical device or a set of smaller mechanical devices specially designed for people to ride for amusement or excitement. Rides are typically found at fairs and amusement parks. [1/16 definitions]
roller coaster an amusement park ride in which a small, gravity-propelled train of open cars rides rapidly up and down a curving, winding, track built on trestles.
scribble to draw meaningless shapes or letters for one's own amusement. [1/6 definitions]
smile to have a facial expression in which the corners of the mouth turn up and the eyes brighten, usu. to express pleasure, happiness, or amusement, but sometimes to express derision. [1/6 definitions]
smiley a small icon made of typed punctuation characters that resemble a smiling face, used in electronic communication to convey happiness, amusement, or other emotions; emoticon.
theme park an amusement park in which the structures and settings share a common theme.
torture the causing of intense physical pain to a person or animal for the purpose of terrorizing, cruel amusement, or forcing the disclosure of information. [1/5 definitions]
twinkle to be bright or shine, as with enjoyment or amusement. [2/6 definitions]