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holily in a pious or sacred manner; devoutly.
holy being worthy of worship or reverence as a part of or symbol of God, according to religious authority; sacred. [1/4 definitions]
holy of holies any especially holy or sacred place. [1/2 definitions]
icon a visual representation of a deity or sacred personage which is itself regarded as sacred, esp. in certain churches, such as the Russian Orthodox. [1/4 definitions]
impiety lack of reverence or respect, esp. for what others consider sacred. [1/2 definitions]
Kailash a large mountain in the Himalayas that is considered sacred in a number of religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. In Hinduism, Kailash is believed to be the home of Shiva.
Kol Nidre one of the most sacred prayers in the Jewish liturgy, recited at the beginning of religious services on Yom Kippur.
Koran the fundamental sacred text of Islam, believed to have been revealed to Muhammad by Allah and serving as the basis of Muslim religion, law, and secular conduct.
mantra a Hindu sacred formula to be spoken or sung in prayer.
nonsacred combined form of sacred
Parsi the Persian dialect in which the sacred texts of this sect are written. [1/2 definitions]
profane to treat (something considered sacred) in an irreverant or disrespectful manner; defile. [1/5 definitions]
psalm a sacred or holy song or poem; hymn. [1/3 definitions]
sacramental sacred or holy, as a duty or obligation. [1/2 definitions]
sacrilege the violation, profane treatment, or destruction of some place or thing that is considered to be sacred.
sacrilegious involving or being a violation, profanation, or destruction of something considered to be sacred. [1/2 definitions]
sacristan a religious official in charge of sacred objects or church property.
sacristy a room in a church where sacred objects and vestments are kept.
sacrosanct regarded as dedicated to holy use or as so sacred as to be immune to desecration; inviolable; consecrated. [1/2 definitions]
sanctified made holy or sacred. [1/2 definitions]
sanctify to make sacred or holy; consecrate. [1/3 definitions]