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kink a short, tight curl or twist, as in a wire, hose, or hair. [1/5 definitions]
kinky having tight twists or curls, as hair. [1/2 definitions]
knot1 a tight intertwining of material such as rope, string, yarn, or the like, usu. to form a fastening. [1/14 definitions]
Papuan of, pertaining to, or denoting the people native to New Guinea and nearby islands, characterized by dark skin and hair with short, tight curls. [1/5 definitions]
phimosis an abnormal condition in which the foreskin of the penis is so tight that the glans cannot be exposed. [1/2 definitions]
pinch to place a tight constraint on; restrict; constrict. [1/10 definitions]
piston ring a thin split metal ring that fits around a piston, in an automobile or other engine, to ensure a tight seal between the piston and the cylinder.
racket2 a tight net strung on a light, usu. oval frame with a long handle, used to hit the ball in games such as tennis. [1/3 definitions]
ram to force into a small or tight space; cram. [1/9 definitions]
secure to make fast or tight. [1/10 definitions]
shoehorn to squeeze or force into a tight or limited space. [1/2 definitions]
slack1 not tight or taut. [1/12 definitions]
slipknot a knot tied so that the loop can be easily expanded or pulled tight.
snug of a garment, having a close fit; slightly tight. [1/4 definitions]
staunch2 strong, sturdy, and tight in construction, as a ship or building. [1/2 definitions]
stringent tight or severely limited, as in time or money. [1/2 definitions]
supertight combined form of tight.
swaddling clothes tight control or restriction, as that placed on very young or immature persons. [1/2 definitions]
tight in a tight fashion; securely; firmly. [1/11 definitions]
tighten to make or become tight, tighter, more constricted, or the like.
twang to make a strong, sharp, vibrating or ringing sound, as a tight string when plucked. [2/5 definitions]