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kinsman a man of the same race or cultural background as another person. [1/2 definitions]
kinswoman a woman of the same race or cultural background as another person. [1/2 definitions]
low relief sculptural relief that projects slightly from the background; bas-relief.
mezzo-relievo sculptural relief in which the work projects about halfway from the background.
minority a group that differs in race, ethnic background, religion, or political ideas from the majority of people in a society. [1/4 definitions]
mounting something that serves as a support, foundation, or background; mount. [1/2 definitions]
Muzak trademark for recorded background music available to commercial establishments by subscription through wire or radio. [1/2 definitions]
nankeen (cap.) Chinese porcelain characterized by blue designs on a white background. [1/3 definitions]
noodle2 to play improvised music somewhat whimsically, in low tones and usu. as background to another player.
privileged having advantages over others, especially due to wealth and family background; having privileges. [1/4 definitions]
relief2 the projection of forms or figures from a background surface, as on certain types of maps. [1/2 definitions]
relievo the projection of figures or designs from a background; relief. [1/2 definitions]
root1 (often pl.) familial, ancestral, or ethnic background. [1/11 definitions]
set the scenery that provides the background for a theatrical performance or movie. [1/25 definitions]
sidereal time time based upon the rotation and revolution of the earth with reference to the background of stars.
silhouette any dark figure seen against a light background, so that details are obscure. [1/3 definitions]
stock ancestral background; lineage. [1/16 definitions]
thoroughbred having a good background or a thorough training or education; well-bred. [1/6 definitions]